Spotlight on Bakery Nouveau

August 01, 2014

Spotlight on Bakery Nouveau

By: Julia Bodura, digital media manager and photographer, Loki Fish Co.

Loki Fish Co. got a chance to sit down with Jay O’Neill (Head of Savory) and Christopher Donka (general manager) from local award-winning bakery, Bakery Nouveau to talk about their operation and what it was like to work with wild-caught salmon products from Loki.

What should local Seattle foodies know about Bakery Nouveau?

Bakery Nouveau does as much in-house as possible (bread, pastry, desserts, cookies, cakes, etc.). The bakery even does its own meat-processing and has recently started hand-crafting their own jam, with the majority of the ingredients coming from local farms. Amazingly, they have over 200 different items.

 “We’re not just a place for breakfast.”

 In addition to their 25+ different types of pastries, the bakery makes their own breads, sandwiches, and pizzas. It’s a great spot for local business people to stop by and pick up a ready-made lunch.

“We like to make things that we like to eat. And we’re proud of that.”

What sorts of goodies are you making with Loki Fish Co. salmon?

The newest product that Bakery Nouveau makes regularly is a smoked salmon croissant made with Loki Fish Co. smoked sockeye and the natural pack of canned pink salmon. This particular can variety is packed in water, with nothing else added and Jay prefers it, because it is like a blank canvas for him.

 “It’s taking something inexpensive and turning it into something amazing, there’s where the art goes in.”

Jay uses the canned pink salmon to make his own salmon cream cheese with paprika, capers, and red onions. This is the filling for the delicious flaky fish-shaped croissant.

 Jay had a lot of great things to say about our canned salmon, “No one can tell we’re using canned salmon.” Loki Fish Co. canned salmon is made from the same wild-caught Alaskan salmon that we smoke or sell as fillets, and there are no preservatives! It’s exciting to hear the support and praise of a professional gourmet chef like Jay, for one of our most affordable products. Jay added, “I’d love to see the bad reputation for canned salmon gone.”

What do you like most about working with Loki and our products?

  1. Local West Seattle company—Loki Fish Co. started in West Seattle (the family still lives there) and now has a warehouse in South Park.
  2. The products—Loki Fish Co. offers a wide variety of fresh and sustainable salmon that local restaurants and bakeries love to work with.
  3. Fast orders and flexibility—being able to call our guys up on their cell phones to get a last minute order with a quick turnaround is something important to fast-paced people in the food industry
  4. Nice people, family-oriented—The Loki family (and extended family) are a small and tight-knit group of family and friends that local vendors and families can relate to. People like to know who is catching their fish!

Are there any other local vendors you partner with that our readers might want to check out?

Puget Sound Dairy: source locally

Glory Bee: baking products, honey

“Spectacular service, local people. This is their home and they love to do their job here.”

Bakery Nouveau is owned by West Seattle locals, William and Heather Leaman and now has two locations: the original spot in West Seattle and one in Capitol Hill.

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 Loki Fish Company also found its roots in West Seattle and now has a warehouse in South Park.

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