Canned Wild Salmon

Custom Canned Salmon
These pop-top cans are a far cry from the low-quality canned salmon commonly found on grocery store shelves. The key is in our meticulous handling of each salmon from the time it comes out of the water until it is processed. The end result is canned salmon that is fresh-tasting, flaky and firm. You will taste the difference. No nitrates or artificial preservatives added and all of our cans are BPA free. Click here for an in-depth comparison of ours vs. the average store bought brand. See our FAQ page for information about salt content.

We offer the following varieties:
Cannery Cut: a full steak of salmon, may contain skin and bones (very nutritious and fully edible due to the canning process), and packed with a small amount of sea salt for ready to eat flavor out of the can.

Natural-pack: skinless/boneless salmon, with nothing added.  Perfect for those on a low sodium diet.

Oil and Salt: skinless/boneless salmon, with organic olive and sea salt added.  A perfect addition to a green salad for lunch!.