Wild salmon is highly recommended by medical professionals, athletes, and conscious consumers as a healthy, sustainable source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Read the testimonials below to see what people have to say about Loki Fish.

Matt Fioretti: Climbing with Loki

January 21, 2009

Matt Fioretti, an aplastic anemia survivor, recently returned from Nepal. He summitted Mount Pumori with some help from Loki’s smoked salmon and salmon jerky. Here’s what he had to say about fueling himself with wild Alaskan salmon while climbing:

"I have been guiding the Himalaya of Nepal for 15 years. High Altitude climbing grinds at the body and it is important to keep nutrients at an optimal level. It is very difficult to get daily percentages of protein in the remote mountains of Nepal. At high altitude the bodies requirements increase with the rigors of climbing. The arena is cold and has 40% of the oxygen at sea level. Loki Fish Company sponsored our last expedition to the Himalaya with 25 pounds of smoked fish. We were on our way to climb 23500 foot Mt. Pumori. I had approached them because at my home in Seattle I was always stocking my refrigerator with the smoked fish made by Loki. The fish is smoked just right, not too smoky or salty. A good balance between the natural taste of fish and the spices has been achieved. The fish is vacuum packed in smaller quantities so it is easy to travel with, take on a run, take bike riding, or carry to 20,000 feet in the Himalaya.
The protein and oils in fish are essential and I believe that Loki Fish replenishes my depleted levels.
I return to Nepal in May of 2009 and Loki Fish will be there for my 25th season. It definitely helps me reach the summit."     Matt Fioretti, High Altitude Mountain Guide

Galen Erickson: Riding with Loki

March 25, 2009

Galen Erickson is a Category 1 Racer, currently biking with the Gin Optics Cycling Team. When he's not riding here in Seattle, he is guiding tours around the world with Erickson Cycle Tours.

"When I'm racing 150 miles in a weekend and training 15 hours during the week, my body gives me pretty good feedback about what I eat. When I eat Loki fish I feel energized and alert. I started eating a can of Loki pink salmon with a salad and I had the energy to train hard while still losing weight. And, did I mention it's delicious?"     Galen Erickson, Cyclist

Tom Ballard: Loki and Your Health

February 5, 2009

Tom Ballard has been practicing as a Naturopathic Doctor for 25 years. His practice, Pure Wellness Center, has locations in Seattle and Renton.
"As a naturopathic doctor I've been recommending wild fish for over 25 years. The research is clear that omega-3 oils from fish help with mood and memory. They also reduce inflammation associated with chronic pain conditions and heart disease. They even improve bone density. Unfortunately, not all fish are raised equal. What I like about the folks at Loki Fish is that they care about the environment and their customers. They take great care to find the highest quality wild, natural, fish available."     Tom Ballard, RN, ND