CSF Terms of Service

Loki Fish Co CSF Terms & Policy


Why a CSF? 

A community supported fishery is a relationship one step above a simple convenience, a give and take of product for cash. It is based on mutual respect between the customer and the producer. Under the CSF model, subscribers pay in advance for the fish they will receive, reflecting the risk that the fisher takes to harvest, transport and process fish. Your subscription is a commitment to prepay a minimum of $200 for fish (roughly 2 deliveries) as a show of support for our operation and our upcoming season. When you participate in our CSF, you become a partner. 



We use a web-based software program called Farmigo to help manage the financial interactions between our customers and our company. Through Farmigo Loki Fish Co CSF subscribers have online access to their own accounts. We accept payment via credit card, paper check or cash. Having a balance means credit you can spend $100 at a time on all our fish products, at a special CSF Partner price!


Minimum payments 

Since a CSF model assumes that you are prepaying for fish that you will withdraw over time, we ask that you add a minimum of $200 to your account to begin and maintain your membership. We will send you a reminder when your balance is getting low to ensure you still have access to our fish at your partner price.


Box Sizes and Values 

We want to give you the option of customizing your order to your hearts desire, so we don't restrict you to pre-built boxes. The only stipulation we have is that each pick-up or delivery totals $100 or more. As long as you've hit the $100 per-distribution minimum, you can fill your box with all your favorite items. Love ikura? Throw $100 of ikura in your delivery this month. We won't judge, follow your bliss!


Incentives for Long Term Commitment 

Since a CSF is an agreement to become a Loki partner and support our fishing operation, we provide bonuses for subscribers who make larger payments to help us finance the long term operation of our fishery. How much you save depends on how much fish you pay for in advance. 


For a base-level prepayment of $200 or more, receive 15% off of market pricing. (Your $200 payment will be posted as a $230 credit). Your discount increases from there depending on how much credit you add to your account. Add $400 or more for a 20% discount, $600 plus to receive 25% off, or bump it up to $1000 to receive a 30% discount. That means a prepayment of $1000 will post to your account as $1300 of credit to spend. That's a lot of free fish!


Autopay Option

If you choose the credit/debit autopay option, your account will automatically be replenished any time the balance falls below $100, and you will receive an email notification before the charge is made. If you have not selected autopay, you will receive an email when your account balance is below $100. Our CSF is set up as a balance system, meaning you draw on your available credit when you request a pickup. Your account will only be charged by the box for each order you receive.


Manual Payment 

If you prefer, you will still have the option to make renewal payments manually. If you choose this option, you will receive an email letting you know when it’s time to renew your balance and you can do so by credit or debit card through our online portal or by mailing us a paper check. 



Loki Fish will send regular emails to subscribers to announce any important changes in delivery schedule, prices, policies, etc. It is your responsibility as a CSF member to read the emails you receive. 


By agreeing to join our CSF, you are also agreeing to open and read email communications from us including:


Payment due emails – All billing issues regarding your account will be emailed to you, including start ups and notice of suspension of service.

Reminders – We will send regular reminders about pick up dates approaching, order deadlines and credit balance updates.  

Other – You may also receive specific emails announcing important changes to our service. Especially important are emergency site moves , schedule changes or market cancellations. Please read our emails as soon as you see them. Please add gowild@lokifish.com to your address book to protect our communications from spam filters.


We encourage CSF partners to give us feedback about the quality and contents of their deliveries by emailing us at gowild@lokifish.com. It’s very important that you include your full name, and your email address login which you used to create your online account on all correspondence. For quality issues please include when you picked up your delivery and how you’re storing the product.


How Do I Join? 

You can join by clicking the link to our sign-up page. Once you're registered, a confirmation of your account, pickup location details, and start date will be automatically emailed to you.


Credits and Suspension of Service


Orders are only delivered when you request them, so you may pause your subscription at any time.


If an account stays inactive for more than 12 months and we do not hear from you, your subscription will be suspended and your remaining balance refunded. Restarting is as easy as joining, just follow the same link.


Cancellation: To cancel your Loki CSF account, email the office at gowild@lokifish.com


Credit: If you believe you deserve a credit for poor quality, damaged, or otherwise unuseable produce, please contact the office at gowild@lokifish.com. We will evaluate cases individually. Be sure to include what day/time you picked up the product, and how it was stored.


Farmer's Market Pickup Fee

The idea behind our CSF is to give loyal customers access to near-wholesale prices, but there are different costs associated with our various sales outlets. We understand that pickup at the farmer's market is convenient for a lot of people, but we do pay a portion of our sales--including CSF deliveries--to the market association in vendor and stall fees. With this in mind, farmer's market pickups will be subject to a 5% fee, in order to cover the amount we pay to the market association. 

Pickup at our South Park warehouse is always free, as is local home delivery. We would encourage CSF customers to go this route. We are also happy to work with our customers to organize additional pick up sites for our CSF. If you are insterested in hosting a drop site, you can always email our office at gowild@lokifish.com


Pickup Location Etiquette 

Loki Fish Co relies heavily on our local farmers markets and our own private drop sites, and we ask everyone to abide by the following rules:


Please observe the pick-up times carefully. Doors may be locked or hosts out of the office at other times. Farmer’s Market pick-ups must be completed during regular market hours. Unless it's during regular pick-up hours or special arrangements have been made, we do not coordinate or recommend after hours pickups.


Don't forget your tote! Loki will provide you with an insulated tote on your first delivery. Please bring it with you to the pick up site when you retrieve your order. We will provide you with gel packs to keep the fish cold, unless you have brought your own. Home delivery customers, remember to place your tote on your porch so we can deliver your product to you and ensure it stays ice cold until you bring it inside. 


Late or missed pick-ups are not eligible for credits, due to our products being stored and transported in a frozen state. It is important to pick up your box in a timely manner since time is of the essence with frozen goods.


Reusable Totes and Gel Packs

Since our product is delivered frozen, we've historically used styro boxes and gel packs in order to preserve quality. Unfortunately, this isn’t the most sustainable practice. In order to encourage our customers to think sustainably, we will gift you a Loki Fish Co insulated cooler tote when you receive your first CSF order, with the expectation that you bring it with you when you pick up subsequent orders. We will provide you with gel packs to keep the fish cold, and you can return the gel packs to be reused the next time you pick up. Home delivery customers, remember to place your tote on your porch (with any used gel packs) so we can deliver your product to you and ensure it stays ice cold until you bring it inside. 


Loki CSF Two Weeks Off 

We take a vacation at the end of each year, at the end of December/Beginning of January. Please plan accordingly. You will not be charged for a box during our vacation. Your account will only be charged for weeks we deliver.