Swimming Into Spring!

April 06, 2018

Swimming Into Spring!

Monty is very concerned that you aren't up on all our exciting Spring happenings. He wanted me to share some news.

News number one: our Loki CSF is about to launch! Soon you'll be able to prepay for fish, schedule withdrawals as needed (via pick up OR home delivery), and receive special CSF partner pricing. Support our upcoming fishing season and keep your fridge stocked, it's a win-win! We should be opening sign-ups within the next week and we'll be offering early-adopter bonus credits for the first month. That's even better deals and more fish for your freezer! As a CSF partner you also get a snazzy refrigerated tote with your first distribution, to be used for all your subsequent pick ups and deliveries (we like to keep things sustainable). Monty is doing his best Vanna White impression and modeling one here.

News number two: Hellooooooo Tacoma! Starting Saturday the 14th of April, we'll be at the Proctor Farmer's Market in Tacoma. We haven't done a market outside Seattle proper in a while and we're super excited to see you all! So mark your calendars for the 14th, Tacomans, the market opens at 10am 📅🕙.

News number three: we won't be selling off the boat on April 14th and 15th, due to traveling. Fun family fact, sales direct off the boat can only be made by the folks who run the boats or their spouses. Jonah, Pete, Hing and Jenn will all be traveling for the weekend and as such, boat sales will take a short break. But we'll be back the following weekend, refreshed and ready to sell you all the fish you need!