Pickled What?

December 01, 2014

Loki team members, Brent Davis and Drew Koshar spent the summer on board the F/V Loki and F/V Njord as deckhands fishing in Alaska, and now they get to follow the fish they caught every step of the way to the farmers markets and local grocery stores, to ensure the best quality, from sea to table.

Dylan, Brent, and Drew are now prepping 400 pounds of keta for a batch of pickled salmon for New Seasons Market! New Seasons Market is a rad locally-owned grocery store in Portland that works directly with farmers, ranchers, producers, and US!

How do we pickle salmon? First, the salmon are filleted, deboned, and cut into one-inch cubes, all by hand in the Loki warehouse.


Next, the salmon cubes are soaked in a homemade salt brine for several days. Once they are done setting, they are rinsed. Finally, the salmon cubes are portioned out into jars, which are then filled with the special Loki sweet brine, lemon, and chopped onions.

Give it a try! If you’ve had pickled herring, it’s a similar taste, with a meatier texture. Our special recipe comes from traditional Scandinavian influences.

 This big batch is going to  New Seasons Market, but you can still find our pickled salmon at the farmers markets throughout the year, or order it online from I Love Blue Sea!