Whole Wild Coho Salmon

Our flash frozen whole wild Coho salmon average 4-6 pounds each.  Head on, gutted and individually sleeved.  Ships and stores frozen.

Coho salmon are a favorite of those looking for a savory, flavorful salmon that is not overpowering. Coho have an ample amount of oil and fat in their flesh, but are not as strong tasting as Sockeye or King. Coho is best enjoyed filleted or smoked.

Have a barbeque with friends, cook half and cure half, or eat salmon for the week! 

Our flash frozen Wild Alaskan Whole Coho Salmon are harvested in Southeast Alaska.  Our boats go above and beyond the industry standard by bleeding, dressing and immersing each salmon in refrigerated sea-water within minutes of harvest.  This provides a consistent quality that is unsurpassed in our industry.  Each salmon receives a light water glaze to prevent oxidation before it is flash-frozen and individually sleeved.  

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