Zagat: 8 Not-to-Miss Food Stands

May 17, 2016

We’re lucky to have farmer's markets running year-round in Seattle, and now is the time when those markets overflow with bright, bountiful produce.

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Community Stories: Fishermans Terminal

December 7, 2015 | Seattle Channel

Fishermen's Terminal has been the home port for the North Pacific Fishing Fleet for a century. This documentary by B.J. Bullert takes a look at the 2001 decision to add pleasure craft to the working class enclave, and examines maritime development in a rapidly growing city.

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Years of Living Dangerously - Bonus Footage

May 7, 2014 | Showtime

Pete, a local fisherman in Puget Sound, discusses his family-owned fishing business and the threat to his livelihood that ocean acidification poses.

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Scientists Say Stop Worrying About Fukushima Radioactivity In Fish

January 15, 2014 | KUOW

Japan’s nuclear disaster released hundreds of millions of gallons of radioactive water in 2011, sparking rampant speculation that a contaminated plume would reach the waters of North America’s West Coast.

Three years later, such speculation is alive and well on the Internet.

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No Elevated Radiation Levels

January 7, 2014

Loki Fish Company announced today that laboratory analysis of five salmon species harvested by its fishermen in Puget Sound and Southeast Alaska during 2013 show no indications of elevated radiation levels.

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Noshing with Nancy

April 5, 2013

Nancy Leson of the Seattle Times interviews Dylan about his go-to spots for food in the city.

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October 30th, 2012

We were featured on an series profiling a number of different food producers. Hing explains how to pan fry sockeye fillets!

Fishing, Activism, and the Future of Seattle

February 9, 2012

Pete recently stopped in at the KUOW studios to talk with Ross Reynolds about a whole gaggle of local issues.

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Thinking About Japan: Pete's talk at Fishermen's Terminal

May 17, 2011

Click here to download a pdf of Pete's talk at Fishermen's Terminal in the wake of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

We Are Emmy-Nominated!

May 14, 2011

This Seattle Channel piece profiling Loki Fish Company was recently nominated for a regional Emmy in the “Human Interest” category. Check it out!

Sustainable Fishing & Environmental Stewardship from Washington to Alaska from Pangeality Productions on Vimeo.


Victory for Independent Fishermen

November 1, 2010

In a victory for family fishermen and local fish consumers, on September 28, 2010, an appeals court in Tacoma unanimously upheld a Superior court decision agreeing that the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife had acted in an arbitrary and capricious fashion in the harvest management of Puget Sound keta salmon.

WDFW has favored large, capital-intensive fishing vessels who fish for multinational fishing corporations in the allocation of this locally abundant salmon resource. It had argued that it did not have to allocate or reserve a portion of the Puget Sound harvest to the small boat gillnet fishermen (such as Pete and Jonah Knutson who fish for Loki consumers). Much of the purse seine catch is exported to Asia for reprocessing by cheap labor, then re-imported to the United States. The small boat gillnet fishers promote and sell their catch directly into local and domestic markets.

The court unanimously held that the state must rationally justify its allocation of the salmon resource between the 200 gillnet permit holders of Puget Sound and the 80 purse seine permit holders.

Loki Fish Company's co-owner Pete Knutson has been involved in this lawsuit for several years and has worked closely with attorney David Mann (who is a former Director of the Washington Environmental Council). The Appellate Court awarded legal fees to Pete's group, the Puget Sound Harvesters and has ordered to WDFW to fairly allocate the keta salmon resource.

Sustainability Study

January 27, 2010

Susanne Freidberg, a professor of geography at Dartmouth, recently completed a paper examining Loki's sustainability practices. Click here to download Hotspots in a Cold Chain: A Life Cycle Assessment of Loki Fish. You can also order her book Fresh from Amazon.

Loki Fish on Vimeo

July 29, 2009

Loki Fish Co. has been collaborating with Pangeality Productions to create videos about our company and sustainable fishing practices. Check out our Vimeo site for interviews, information about our products, and details about the Loki Fish family.

A photo of the family at Fishermen's Terminal when the boys were young in the video Running a Family Business.

Fishermen's Terminal Coverage

April 24, 2009

During the past couple weeks, we've seen a lot of coverage on the ongoing struggle over the future of Fishermen's Terminal. Pete Knutson has been at the forefront of the movement to keep the terminal as a working waterfront. Check out the articles and interviews below for more information.

April 22, 2009: What About Seaport Fresh?, Byndoo Blog

January 26, 2009: Support for Fishermen's Terminal, Progression Towards Something of Questionable Significance

January 23, 2009: Port Wants A Cut Of Fishermen's Bounty, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

January 22, 2009: Battle Over Fee, Storage At Fishermen's Terminal, My Ballard

January 20, 2009: Fishermen's Terminal Prepares for a Gentrification Battle, Seattle Weekly

January 12, 2009: Local Fisherman Leading Fight Against Change in Port's Storage Sheds, Seattle Times

November 14, 2008: Task Force OKs Fishermen's Terminal Proposal, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

October 2, 2005: Fishermen's Terminal Is Losing Its Fishermen, Seattle Times

June 9, 2005: Port Favors Yachts Over Working Boats, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

May 14, 2003: Port Roils the Waters on Seafood Sales, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

May 7, 2003: Family Fishermen Feel Hook of Port's New Restrictions, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

January 1, 2003: Net Profit, Seattle Weekly

December 19, 2002: Port May Hand Fishermen a Lifeline, Letting Them Sell More Fish, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

December 10, 2001: Lifelong Fisherman On a Mission to Sink Pleasure Boat Plan, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

December 7, 2001: Port Thinks Big Again - Will Fishermen Get Hooked?, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

May 10, 2001: Forum Tackles Use of Fishermen's Terminal, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

April 25, 2001: Fishermen's Terminal?, Seattle Weekly

December 16, 2001: Shifting Tide at Fishermen's Terminal, Seattle Times

November 14, 2001: Stormy Port, Seattle Weekly

To read Pete's position paper on the recent changes at Fishermen's Terminal, click here.

Fishermen’s Terminal Documentary

November 19, 2008

Fishermen’s Terminal, a 2005 documentary produced by B.J. Bullert, follows the conflict between working boats and the Port of Seattle at Fishermen's Terminal after changes were made allowing pleasure boats to dock in a working waterfront. Pete is featured as one of those fighting the administration's decision.


Click here to watch the full documentary.

Seattle P-I, Jonah's Boat

September 5, 2006

A crew from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer joined Jonah Knutson for an opening in southeast Alaska last summer, on his first season as the captain of the Loki. A front-page pictorial and accompanying online mini-documentary were published the following month.

Both pieces chronicled the frustrations and joys of the young captain fishing in southeast Alaska. Read the entire story at Fishing is a Family Affair, or view the mini-documentary Jonah's Boat.

A scene from Jonah's Boat, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer mini-documentary featuring Jonah Knutson in his first season as captain of the Loki.
Photo: Mike Kane/Seattle P-I

Sub-Zero Profiles Loki Fish Co.

April 26, 2005

Sub-Zero, the definitive kitchen component brand of refrigerators, freezers and wine storage units produced a beautiful TV spot profiling six organic growers and food producers for their first-ever tv ad campaign which ran nationally on cable channels.

Pete and Loki Fish Co. are profiled on the Sub-Zero site and Pete appears in the TV spot "Portraits" holding a beautiful King salmon at Fishermen’s Terminal in Seattle.

A scene from the Sub-Zero TV spot "Portraits" featuring Pete Knutson and Loki Fish Company.
Photo: Sub-Zero