Team Loki

When the Knutson family can't be in ten places at once, Team Loki steps in. Read about our delivery, farmers market, and office team members below.


Jade is our newest Loki crew person, but she is definitely not new to salmon. She fishes salmon for her uncle in Bristol Bay, Alaska during the summer and we are fortunate to have her slinging salmon for us. She grew up in Lake Stevens, north of Seattle, but lives in Seattle now. Jade attends Seattle Central College and is another one of Pete's students.


Travis joined Team Loki to design and implement Loki's food program. He was also a student of Pete's at Seattle Central Community College. Travis is the chef behind Loki Kitchen and cooks every Sunday at the Ballard market.


Joanna is our wonderful year-round assistant at the West Seattle Farmers Market. She also works at Bakery Nouveau, one of our local partner restaurants!


Mary Anne joined our team in December 2012 as our new Office Manager. She answers phones, takes care of accounting and does some website updates. When not at Loki, she's loves to take her two teenagers to the Science Center, Shakespeare in the park and anything else art or science related.


Cousin Garek has been visiting Seattle during the summer to work with his cousins for the past 13 years.  He is currently studying Naturopathic medicine at Bastyr University in San Diego.  He says "Your food is your medicine - salmon!"


Laura also visits during the summer to help her cousins sell fish at the farmers markets. When she's not in Seattle, she's a college student at Central Michigan University.

Jenn helps out with web and graphic design for Loki in her spare time. She is also the office manager at Avalon Northwest Landscape. She and Jonah live in South Park with their two dogs, Snickers and Monty.