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From Sea to Table

Board Loki Fish Company is a family owned and operated business founded in 1979 by Pete Knutson and Hing Lau Ng. Today, Pete and our older son Jonah run our two boats, F/V Loki and F/V Njord, harvesting wild salmon and halibut from southeast Alaska and Puget Sound. Our younger son Dylan manages the business.

Pete reflects on becoming a fisherman

Our salmon are gillnet-caught, handled respectfully, bled and dressed onboard, immediately chilled to below freezing in our refrigerated seawater holds, and then transported to Bellingham where our custom processor packs them to our specifications.

Van illustration
Sockeye illustration by Jonathan Matas

We take pride in directly marketing every salmon that is harvested aboard our two boats. Our family is personally involved in every step from harvest to processing to direct sales, ensuring the highest level of quality.

For the 2013 summer, Loki Fish Company is working directly with four boats (including the Loki and Njord) to help meet our regional demand for high-qualilty wild Alaskan salmon. All of the fishermen we work with have a strong personal relationship with our family and learned the ropes on Loki Fish Co's own vessels. They fish the same areas of Southeast Alaska, gillnetting for salmon and following our exacting handling and icing procedures. This includes dressing the fish immediately after harvest, immersing them in refrigerated seawater and transporting from Bellingham to Ketchikan--layer iced in insulated totes--in our companys box trucks on the Alaska Ferry. 

A little information about the boats:


F/V Njord – Captained by Pete Knutson, co-owner and co-founder of Loki Fish Company.


F/V Loki – Captained by Jonah Knutson, Pete's son. Jonah began his fishing career as a teen on board the Loki when it was still captained by Pete. The Loki is the original boat that started it all in 1979.


mark jF/V Fram – Captained by Mark Johansen, longtime former deckhand of Pete's, and--like Jonah and Pete--a lontime fixture on the West Wall at Fishermen's Terminal. Mark lives in Mount Vernon, does custom carpentry and operates a small farm on his property.


F/V Mount Royal - Captained by Byron Spence, former deckhand of Pete's, and former soccer teammate of Dylan's.  Byron lives in Bellingham and, like Jonah, is part of the younger generation of commercial fishermen. 

We are proud to participate in a salmon harvest that has been internationally certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council.

You can find Loki Fish at Seattle area farmers markets, food co-ops and grocery stores.